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Telina double mattress


The Telina double mattress offers adaptability, comfort and temperature control thanks to its aeration channels. It is the absolute guarantee.

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Telina double mattress: Elasticity, comfort and flexibility

The Telina double mattress is designed to provide a comfortable sleep with great adaptability thanks to the fabric of the cover. This fabric is composed of a knitted fabric of elastic fibers.

The combination of materials of the Telina model achieves a very effective distribution of pressure on the different areas of the body. Taking special care of the hips, shoulders and cervical area . Always with independence of the bodies.

Firmness, comfort and temperature

The profiling of the core provides pressure relief. The core that composes it opens the aeration channels and improves the performance of the material achieving an alignment of the vertebrae, regardless of the posture in which you sleep.

It is a mattress with a medium-high firmness but very comfortable from the moment you sit down to the moment you lie down. The core of the Telina double mattress is composed of three materials, thus achieving a high-performance pressure relief and at the same time avoiding the typical viscoelastic hug that gives excessive heat.

The Telina double mattress is the safe bet for your rest. It is a 25 cm thick model designed for all people who like to sleep on a firm mattress or for people with a high Body Mass Index.

The Telina double mattress is the mattress that satisfies everyone’s rest.

Additional information

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Double Mattress Measures

135×180, 135×190, 135×200, 150×180, 150×190, 150×200, 160×180, 160×190, 160×200, 180×180, 180×190, 180×200, 200×190, 200×200


450g elastane-based top fabric quilted with anti-dust mite fiber
2cm of open pore viscoelastic padded to the fabric for maximum breathability.
3cm of airgel for extraordinary temperature control
3cm of high-density viscoelastic with gel particles that improve adaptability, avoiding pressure points and adapting to the body contour.
20cm Greencell of 32Kg/m3 of high resilience and high density.
3D bottom fabric quilted with anti-allergic fibers

Telina double mattress