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Mety crib mattress


The Mety crib mattress is composed of the Bioterm cover that helps our baby sleep face down without the risk of suffocation. Its core is composed of lateral reinforcements that help the baby sleep in the center of the mattress.


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Mety the crib mattress that regulates the temperature and prevents your baby’s flat head

The core of the Mety crib mattress is composed of side bolsters designed to help the baby get used to sleeping in the center of the mattress.

It becomes the perfect crib mattress to use before changing to a junior bed. In this way, we ensure that the child learns to sleep in the center of the mattress. It prevents and recovers a flat head, improves asthma and dermatitis symptoms thanks to the probiotic treatment.

Temperature-regulating, breathable and washable

Its Nu-temp technology helps increase or decrease the temperature of the fabric by up to 2 degrees depending on whether the baby is hot or cold. Thanks to the Bioterm cover, the mattress is so breathable that it allows the baby to sleep on its stomach and breathe without fatigue.

Both the mattress cover and the mattress core are machine washable, ensuring a completely hygienic environment for the baby. It is also 100% innocuous and free of toxins.

The mattress is 13 cm thick. Supports up to 22 kg of baby weight. From this weight, the mattress begins to lose its properties, until the child reaches 28 kg, when the mattress material collapses and becomes uncomfortable.

Discover the benefits of Lémur Baby mattresses.

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57×117 cm, 60×120 cm, 70×140 cm


Our mattresses are made with materials regulated under the strictest controls that exist worldwide in terms of composition and toxic emissions by European organizations such as OEKOTEX® STANDARD CLASS 100, 2012OK0308 AITEX and CERTIPUR®.
Composed of harmless and chemical-free materials. These materials do not harm the environment or the ozone layer and ensure indoor air quality by emitting less than 0.5 parts per million of volatile organic compounds.


Free shipping and returns. The standard sizes that we have in stock take between 24 and 72 hours to be delivered to the peninsula.

Design and Manufacturing

Lémur mattresses are designed and manufactured in Spain, with 100% European raw materials that comply with the strictest safety standards in their class.


Both the mattress cover and the mattress core are machine washable. Always with a delicate program and inside a delicate garment cover. Washing should be at 30ºC, with neutral soap, without softeners. Do not dry in the sun.

The box

We ship our crib, minicot and infant mattresses in a protective plastic in a 100% recycled cardboard box and vacuum packed, once at home just open it and in a few minutes it is ready for use.

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Mety crib mattress