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Amana double mattress


The Amana double mattress gives you cool awakenings thanks to its gel particles that help dissipate up to 4 degrees of temperature. Designed for all those hot people who need a mattress with a soft firmness to rest.

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Amana double mattress: Softness and breathability

The Amana double mattress is designed for people who like to sleep on a mattress with a soft firmness and usually spend heat during their rest. It is made with a new material called Gel Air Fresh. Through this material we manage to dissipate the thermal load of the mattress reducing the surface temperature up to 4 degrees.

Increases breathability and reduces heat

We have selected each of the mattress materials with the aim of maximizing breathability and facilitating a sleep without moisture and heat.

The Amana double mattress is made with a set of highly porous materials and fabrics that allow air to pass through the mattress without great effort.

The firmness of the mattress is soft but at the same time does not lose comfort and adaptability. This mattress is recommended for people with a low or medium Body Mass Index, i.e., less than 28. The Amana double mattress would also be recommended for those who are used to sleeping on a mattress with a softer and softer firmness.

A person with a high Body Mass Index would not rest well on the Amana double mattress because he/she would have a feeling of entrapment.

It is a mattress with a very cozy and adaptable lie that helps to maintain a stable sleep throughout the rest.

To achieve the Amana double mattress we have created a mattress with a total height of 30 cm. With a simple but ingenious core composed of 4 layers where we insert the Gel Air Fresh material between the viscoelastic layers to evacuate vapor and moisture much more effectively.

The Amana double mattress is a mattress for those who love softness.

Additional information

Double Mattress Measures

105×180, 105×190, 105×200, 135×180, 135×190, 135×200, 150×180, 150×190, 150×200, 160×180, 160×190, 160×200, 180×180, 180×190, 180×200, 200×190, 200×200, 90×180, 90×190, 90×200


400g cotton-based fabric upholstered with anti-dust mite fiber and removable zippered cover.
2cm of open pore viscoelastic padded to the fabric for maximum breathability.
3cm of Greencell 32Kg/m3 with aeration profiling
4cm of high density viscoelastic with gel particles that improve adaptability, avoiding pressure points and adapting to the body contour.
15cm Greencell of 32Kg/m3 of high resilience and density with 7 zones profiling
3D bottom fabric quilted with anti-allergic fibers

Amana double mattress